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Silent Self

A installation piece for the Bodyline exhibition Read on...

Art 03/13

New Store!

New Store is now open Check it out!

Store 02/13

White Noise

Using light projected onto sheets of transparency was used to create this piece, see video...

Art 05/11

Star equiblibrium

This piece has been made in light of our dualistic paradigm that we call our opposition’s e.g. Light and dark, good and evil, male and female etc. This is made prevalent by the geometry chosen, the star tetrahedron (the representation of the oppositions in perfect balance with one another)... read on...
Art 05/11

Growth and rebirth

Growth and Rebirth is a piece that depicts the evolution and progression of the human spirit. The stages of metamorphosis and growth that have seemingly come from the nothingness of space... read on...

Art 05/11

heartbeat Vortex

Using 3d printers and casting techniques you can create just about any shape in the known universe... read on... BUY NOW

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One week after creating the Growth and Rebirth piece it has sold. Now to get on to the next project!

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